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So, we watched a few minutes of the American Idol season premier the other night. And I have to say, after a few years of not watching the show, I can see that the whole act hasn’t changed much: the ratings-garnering pseudo-rivalry between Simon and Ryan, Randy’s continued inability to use a word other than “dog” when conversing with contestants of either gender, and of course Paula’s loopy incoherence. (Kids, for real, say no to drugs.)


FAIL x 4

Except for the new face on the judges’ panel – what’s her name? – who seems more than happy to lend her loud, abrasive antics to the existing inanities.

But these lambastings are only a prelude to focal point of this post: What the heck is up with the background music selections? Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”? Don’t get me wrong – I love the song (and the album), but isn’t it a little anomolous to hear “One minute I held the key; next, the walls were closed on me” as a contestant bursts through the double doors screaming, “I’m going to Hollywood!”? Hmmm…

And MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine”? Epic song placement fail. I mean, it’s cool that a Christian band is getting some primetime exposure, but I’m pretty sure getting to meet Jesus is going to be a little bit better than Idol‘s holy grail of “getting through to the next round.”

Sorry folks. I don’t mean to deride what is clearly one of the finest institutions of American pop culture. But I have just a few words for Idol‘s producers:

Come on, people. You bammas are supposed to be at the top of your game. Such power you have! I mean, the clouds part for whichever contestant you deem worthy of the title “American Idol”, and even the runners-up. Kelly Clarkson! Rueben Studdard! That Daughtry guy! Carrie Underwood! Clay Aiken! (Eh, well…) All I’m saying is that you can do better. Pick some background songs whose lyrics have an iota of contextual relevance to the show. And for heaven’s sake, get Paula Abdul some professional help.