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Today, Drew and I are moving out of our very first apartment. It’s very bittersweet. We’ve grown out of our lovely little place and are aching for more space (think a REAL desk) and the cost of living in Annapolis…well, that’s just a whole other story. We have noisy neighbors, no room for a kitchen table and a laundry machine that only fits 3 pairs of jeans. It’s time to move on.

It wasn’t all cramped and bad, though. This place was where our life together began, where we spent our wedding night, where we learned how to be best friends, where we celebrated our first anniversary. This apartment has seen the creation of uncountable inside jokes, belly laughs, good night kisses and stay-at-home movie nights. This is where I lived while I worked my first real world job, then quit it to pursue a dream. This is where Drew and I learned how to become one: one unit, one love, one family.

We are not just moving; we are moving on. We’re in our second year of marriage (year one seriously flew by) and picking up speed. Good grief, I love that man.

In honor of moving on, I thought I’d share a little of where we came from.

Growing up, our families camped together. This was the era when boys were of no interest to me…and vice versa. I’m around 8 or 9 and Drew is 10 or 11. (Don’t hate on how ridiculous we look.)

We started dating officially in 2005. Here we are at Tom and Renata’s wedding, about a month into dating.

Getting engaged the week of Thanksgiving 2006. Drew proposed at the piano. This isn’t actually a picture of the proposal…it was taken a couple of days earlier (we sat at the piano a lot), but it will give you the idea :) As crazy as this sounds for a photographer, Drew and I only took one picture the night we got engaged and I don’t have a digital copy of it.

August 10, 2007. That was a good day. :)

The last picture is of Drew the day we moved our stuff into the apartment. The first meal we ever ate here together was Wendy’s and, ironically (and not on purpose), so was the last.

Here’s to celebrating the past and moving forward! Cheers!


Two things I want to post about today: vacuum cleaner reality check & pool woes.

1. Vacuum cleaner reality check
Saturday evening, Drew went to his gig at The Westlawn Inn and I opted to stay home and do some long-overdue cleaning.

I picked up, scrubbed the kitchen sink, did two loads of laundry. When it came time to vacuum, I pulled out our little Shark and went to town. I was a vacuuming machine. Under the couch, under the bed, in our closet, the bathroom, the kitchen the laundry closet, the doorway; I left no corner untouched. When I was done, I sat down and gloried in the cleanliness.

It was then that I realized: I had vacuumed our entire house without ever having to plug into a different outlet. That’s right, friends. Our apartment is so small that the small cord of our vacuum cleaner reaches to every corner. It was a little bit sad.

2. Pool woes
I have been dying to use our apartment pool. When the leasing office announced they were handing out pool passes, I was the first one to go get them. I can’t wait to get a tan – this summer I don’t have to worry about tan lines in a wedding dress! Plus, we didn’t get to use the pool last summer.

The pool officially opened last weekend, but I was gone all weekend for Amanda’s wedding. No big deal, maybe I could go one evening after work. Nope, my accounting class started this week, so no evening swim. The weekend – yes, I will go then.

Saturday morning, Renata and I had a meeting with a bride and Drew came along. It was perfect pool weather. After our meeting, Drew and I grabbed some lunch and SPF 45 (for Mr. Pasty-Pale) and drove home, excited for our first pool experience of the summer. As we hit Rt. 50, a giant bolt of lightning diminshed my dream. The rain poured down in buckets and the pool would have to wait another day.

Sunday afternoon. This is it. Nothing is standing in our way. Let’s go. We pack up our new, yet-to-be-used beach towels, and head down to the pool, pool passes in stow. We arrive. There are no lawn chairs left, as people are sunbathing. No one is actually IN the pool. They all just stared at us. Drew and I felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to be on display while in the pool, so we turned around and went home.

We have something every evening this week. This weekend we will be in NC for a wedding. So no pool. Very sad.

We figured out how to post video blogs and decided to start tonight!  Since this blog is an archive of our early married life, we thought that a virtual tour of our apartment was appropriate.  Enjoy!  (And don’t make fun of us.)

Does Drew’s post count? Well, just to make sure, I am posting anyway. :)

We are very proud of ourselves. We finally took the initiative to get a little organized. Drew was off work on Good Friday, so I went ahead and treated myself to a half day. We gathered up the gift cards and headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had a blast going through the aisles, looking for ways to get organized. Drew was…less enthused. He was happy though, when we got home and put our stuff together, how much better things looked!

Highlights of our organization…

A glorious shoe rack. Before, all of our shoes were strewn about the bottom of our closet and we couldn’t walk in without ruining some shoes and hurting our feet. 

Please notice how Drew’s shoes take up the top 2 racks. All the rest are mine.

After 7 months of marriage, we finally own an iron. Plus, I am extra proud because we found a way to maximize our space by hanging!


We’re quickly outgrowing our space and thinking about what we’re going to do when our lease ends in October. Another apartment? A basement? A townhouse?! I guess we’ll see. 

P.S. Tonight I found Drew’s old point and shoot camera with video capabilities…so maybe some video posts to come?

(No, Randi, this is not an ode to you. :) ) 

So, this being our first Christmas, I absolutely insisted that we get a real tree. My dad is allergic to a lot of things, one of them being pine trees, so I have never had a real tree! I am enjoying watering the tree and dustbusting the pine needles waaaay too much.

We had planned on getting a tree right after Thanksgiving. We ended up getting it this past Monday. We had planned on going to a tree farm and cutting it down (for me to get the whole real tree experience). We bought one for $20 at Home Depot. :) I think it’s great! It’s the perfect little tree and looks just perfect in our apartment. And it smells glorious!

In other holiday news, this has been the busiest holiday season of my life! Last weekend was non-stop; we both took off work Monday and poor Drew got really sick. But we are loving life and our first Christmas together :)