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…we got some freaking snow! Ah yes, the stars of precip and sub-32 temperatures have aligned at last to drop a slight but veritable wintry dusting on the DC area. We don’t get too much snow here, so when we do, it’s like Christmas all over again. I love it. Call me a freak, but I even like driving in the snow, testing my ability to maneuver the slick roads. There’s a certain thrill of knowing that I could effortlessly careen my car into a mailbox or telephone pole or human being or something. It’s a challenge!

I noticed today how funny it is to listen to the traffic reporters trying to be polite as they remind us of basic winter driving precautions. They’ll say things like, “Now folks, you want to remember to give the tractor trailers a little more room, especially in these icy conditions”, or “Now folks, be sure to take it slow on those turns.” Personally, I’d love to hear them add a dash of cutting sarcasm to these reminders. Maybe something like, “Folks, in case you haven’t noticed, that’s a sheet of freaking ice that you’re driving across. So maybe think twice before you take that turn at 75 mph. Good grief, you people are idiots. Your ineptitude is truly astounding. As if plain old common sense wasn’t enough, we take time to go over this crap every time it snows, and yet there’s always a few of you morons who manage to slide into parked cars as you pull out of your driveway.” I wonder if Lisa Baden ever wants to do this? Probably not…

In any case, the snow is fantastic. Ice/sleet/freezing rain are in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. I say bring it! I’m personally hoping for an epic fail from the snowplow crews. Let’s keep that Beltway a frozen mess, people. I’m not trying to come to work tomorrow.