Love never fails.

Before we got married, we had a discussion about what we’d like to engrave in our wedding bands. We threw out several Bible verses that had played a part in our relationship, some song lyrics, and even some nicknames. Maybe just our names and the date? I’ve got it, Drew says. Love never fails.

This statement is essential in describing us: who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

We serve a God who’s love has never failed us. Looking back over our lives, it’s amazing to see God-things, interventions of Him. We believe that God’s love has physically lead our lives up until this point and are grateful.

The processes of dating, engagement and now, marriage, are quite the teachers. Going from selfish “in love” to selfless “in spite of” love is exhilarating and the hardest thing either of us have ever done. We are realizing, though, that love washes over all things. ALL of them. Dirty socks, annoying habits, differing opinions, busy schedules. Fights can be washed over with love. We know that this kind of “clean love” can only be achieved in how we relate to God before each other. We are HUGELY flawed people, but know that love covers. That’s very important to know about us.

As far as our future, we trust that He will guide. We’d love to end up in Colorado someday, we really want a big family, we both have specific career wishes. But in light of Him and His love, we trust that our absolute good is in the bag, no matter what happens.

Love never fails.