…to not have any babies in the immediate future. (Gotcha! Haha, suckers.)

Sorry, that was just mean. You guys have no idea how much I had to talk Drea into letting me do that.

We do have an announcement, though. We’ve decided to take an extended break from our joint blog here. It’s been a great way to archive our first year and a half of marriage, but we’ve realized that have very different blogging styles and for consistency’s sake, it would make more sense to each have our own. So from here on out, Drea will continue keeping up her photo blog, and I’ll be crankin’ away at my new blog.

Don’t be sad! The Ackermann Blog won’t be gone forever! We’re going to keep it online for future chronicling of family adventures, maybe once we start having kids. (Again, currently not pregnant.)

Thanks to everyone who’s read our blog over the past year and a half; we’ve had a lot of fun.

Update your RSS feeds! We can now be found here:

Drea: andreajaephotography.com/blog

Drew: drewackermann.wordpress.com