I feel like Drew is always WORKING on a blog, but not posting and I’m not even writing at all. What has this blog come to?! Our lives aren’t boring, we promise! It just seems like there’s so much going on in everyone’s blogs…and not ours.  

I guess we could post pictures of our new place and explain why we are living in a basement…or…we’ll be getting our Christmas tree next week, so we could post about that…and, uh…we’re planning a trip to NYC with Tom and Renata in January…that’ll be good. But right now, well…?  

I’m pretty sure Drew is working on a blog post about the books he’s been reading (he’s so bright). We had a conversation last night about challenging each other to writing assignments. Yes, I realize this makes us huuuge nerds. But we both miss writing and I’ve noticed that my mind just isn’t as sharp due to my lack of it. So, maybe those will be published here. :)  

Actually, any ideas about what we could write about? We thought about book reports on books we want to read or maybe even a little analysis (!). Got any books you’d like to hear our take on? Any meandering questions in your mind? Bring ’em on.

Well, since we are nerds and old people, it’s time for bed. Drew’s already asleep.