And the game of blog-tag continues! Here are seven “quirky” things about yours truly:

  1. I love maps to an abnormal degree. I could be entertained for hours just reading an atlas, or looking around Google Maps. As a result, I’m a self-proclaimed whiz at geography. (Seriously, next time you see me, try to stump me!) I love seeing my dad’s side of the family because they’re all geography dorks too, and we have contests to see who can stump everybody else. (This past summer on our road trip, I stumped everyone except my Aunt Genny on the capital of Azerbaijan.)
  2. I freak out about little noises in my car. If there’s any kind of rattling or creaking, I seriously can’t relax until I know what it is and how to make it stop. This drives Drea insane, as I frequently assign her the task of locating the noise and stifling it.
  3. Thinking about cottage cheese makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. OK, not literally (yet), but let’s face it, folks: cottage cheese is disgusting. For me, it’s the texture. I mean, what is cottage cheese? Simply put, it’s a thick, semi-firm, creamy goo with chunks in it. That is simply horrifying. I think if I went on Fear Factor and had to choose between eating cow brain and cottage cheese, I might just go for the cow brain.
  4. I suck at team sports. To anyone who’s ever seen my “game”, this probably comes as no surprise. I’m a half-decent swimmer and distance runner, and I’m trying to get better at tennis, but I’m pretty much useless in games like football, basketball, or soccer. Simple tasks such as correctly throwing a football or sinking a basketball into a hoop are daunting challenges for me. My hand-eye coordination is probably comparable to that of a kindergartner. I have 8-year-old cousins who can beat me at “horse”. It’s sad, really. But it’s OK because my macho map-reading skills really make up for it.
  5. I habitually twirl my hair. I will inadvertently reach up and twirl a certain tuft of hair in the back of my head, especially when I’m tired. The tuft then takes on a life of its own, protruding “alfalfa-style” from my head and taking on a tangly coarse texture. It makes me look like quite an ass, which is why I’m careful not to do it until I’m home for the night, so only Drea can make fun of me (until now, of course.)
  6. The door thing. When I was little, I loved doors of any kind. The simple open-and-close mechanism fascinated me to an untold degree. I used to sit at my grandmother’s house and open and close her cabinet doors for hours. My mom used to reward me for good behavior at the grocery store by letting me run in and out of the automatic doors multiple times. I’m told that this made me an easily entertained child. (You’re welcome, Mom and Dad.) While the door phase has long since passed, I’m still generally fascinated by how things work. I love watching those extreme building/engineering shows on the Discovery and History channels about how they designed Japan’s “floating” airport, or a record-breaking roller coaster, or the world’s tallest building.
  7. I have eaten the same sandwich for lunch for the past six months. Drea packs my lunch most days (score), and about six months ago I decided that a turkey, pastrami, and cheese sandwich on pumpernickel bread sounded simply delicious. It’s now the only sandwich my sweet wife makes me, and it hits the spot every time. I try not to be close-minded about anything, but that sandwich hasn’t failed me yet, and I intend to continue my discrimination against all other lunchmeat sandwiches until further notice.

Drea has promised to list her quirks here as well, so you guys will have to hold her accountable! I’d also like to tag the Janes as the next “it” people. We know you guys are a couple of weirdo’s, so let’s hear about it!

Quirkily yours,