Yes, this marks our 100th post on this blog!  According to my math, this means we’ve posted once every 4.11 days since getting married/merging blogs.  We have some friends who blog more often than that, but I think this is a respectable average for us!

Blogging is such a funny thing.  People do it for so many different reasons.  There are politics blogs, gardening blogs, photo blogs, travel blogs, cooking blogs, pastor blogs.  Many of them contain information that’s of tangible use to society.  This blog probably doesn’t fit in that category.  :)

I suppose our blog is sort of like that movie “The Truman Show” where we just share our lives with the general public, and people can “tune in” as they choose.  I guess one difference would be that we’re actually aware that our lives are being documented.  And it’s not documented 24/7.  And we’re not (I think) living in a gigantic reality simulation studio.

So in other words, it’s actually nothing like “The Truman Show”, and this is a terrible analogy!

In any case, this is our life.  Sometimes when I get ready to post something, I think, does anybody really care about this?  But the point is not to keep you people entertained.  (No offense – please still like us!)  This is our attempt to archive our lives, all the significant and even insignificant things.  Even now, I enjoy looking back over our posts from like a year ago, recalling all the nuances of life at that moment, and seeing how life has changed since then.  I hope one day we can show this blog to our kids.  (You know, so they can have proof that we had nothing approaching a real life before they came along.)

So here’s to the first 100, and hopefully hundreds more to come.  Thanks for reading!