**As posted on the photoblog.

Last night at 9:01pm, Renata finally gave birth to sweet Jack!  Drew and I went to the hospital with some of our friends to see Jack for the first time, just an hour after his birth.

Without further ado, here is Jack.

Even though Renata looked fantastic, I want to respect her privacy, so here’s the closest shot you’ll get of mom and baby for now.  :)

I got to hold Jack!  He’s a whopper baby at 8 lbs. and 11 oz!  I could have held that sweet baby forever.  (Thanks for taking this picture Emily!)

Drew, Emily, our friends Patrick and Tif, and I tried to help Tom and Renata celebrate.  While we were waiting for Jack’s appearance, we made a welcome sign.  This actually said “Happy day of birth, Jack!” in it’s full form.

Mom, Dad and baby are doing great! 

Happy birthday, Jack!  We’re so glad you are here!