…Andrea is still around.  And here I am.

Drew’s been hinting recently that I haven’t posted on this blog for some time and something needs to be done about it.  Relishing in a little extra time today, I’m posting.  (Happy, Drew?)

I have been super busy the past month!  I just launched my photography website and have been trying to keep up with my photography blog, in addition to actually BEING a photographer and doing the duties that come with the job.

I’m at home full-time now and LOVING it.  Having just passed our one year anniversary, I think I may have learned some things about wife-ing.  I think the #1 thing I have learned is that I know nothing of wife-ing.  Oh, this little girl has been wrestling with a lot of things this month, in the BEST WAY.

I am reading the book Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney.  If you are a wife, almost a wife, or have ever entertained the idea of being a wife, you should read this book.  Not only is it excellently written, it is thought-provoking and, more than that, HEART-provoking.  Reading the book, I have been forced to look at myself soberly, all the way down to my smallest motives.  It’s horrifying.  It is sort of like looking at a scary monster in the mirror.  At the same time though, I feel such a hope of change and confidence in God about the kind of woman I want to be.

The book has been one of those life-changing books for me.  You know, the ones that define a particular season of life when you think back.  The kind that speaks directly to the situation you are in.  The one that might as well have been written FOR you RIGHT NOW.

Pair that book with daily visits to the book of Matthew (particularly the Sermon on the Mount, talk about heart changing), day-long listening to Sara Groves (that woman speaks to me), and night-time reading of the biography of Amy Carmichael (the woman who gave up everything – including marriage – to serve as a missionary to the poorest of the poor in India) and you might have a slight idea of how I feel.  Talk about tearing a girl up inside!

It’s difficult, wonderful, overwhelming, frustrating.  But colorful.  And vivid.  Things I have been aching for this past year.  An ice heart melting slowly.  The best kind of life.  I’m back.