This Japanese steakhouse is one of the things we’ll miss most about Annapolis.  It’s about a 45-second drive from our apartment, and we have frequently over-indulged ourselves there.  We used to just go for special occassions, but now we pretty go pretty much every couple of weeks.  And we recently discovered that for $1.50 extra, you can get a double-portion of fried rice.  (A major score, because no joke, it is the best fried rice in the world.)

Sakura is one of those places where the chef cooks all the food on your table right in front of you.  The routine is usually the same: the “volcano” of onion rings, the “egg roll” joke, the twirling and tossing of metal spatulas and knives, and the humorous (I guess) adding of “Japanese” before each noun (i.e. chef pours delicious creamy sauce in your tray – “Ah, Japanese mayonnaise.”  Or chef accidently impales a kid in the face with a kitchen knife – “Ah, Japanese mistake.”)  But the routine never gets old because it comes hand-in-hand with the tastiest Americanized Japanese cuisine money can buy.

We’re pretty much addicted to this place, and I doubt that moving from Annapolis will prevent us from continuing to enjoy it on a regular basis!