1)  Fight with other basses over who has to sit closest to the tenor section.

2)  Make fun of tenor section’s general inability to hit a high note without starting half a pitch lower and gradually rising to “almost” the correct pitch.

3)  Snicker with other basses as we realize which particular tenor (it’s always the same ones) is off.

4)  Realize I’m being a jerk because when I try to hit those notes, it pretty much just sounds like screaming.

5)  Sing in falsetto my own harmony part a 3rd above the sopranos.

6)  Fellow bass and good friend Tom joins in a 5th above sopranos.

7)  Incur disapproving looks from sopranos.

8)  Laugh collectively during vocal warm-ups, as we together sing things like “ya ya ya ya” or “kitty kitty kitty kitty”.

9)  Rejoice in the fact that our choir is finally singing songs with lines like “Wait a minute, one more time, I think I’ll sing it again!”

10)  Generally have an awesome time singing God-centered music with good friends.