A great Labor Day weekend it has been.  Drea and I spent Friday evening at my parents’ house for one of the last “family nights” for a while with all family members present.  My youngest sister Adrienne went off to Montclair State University yesterday in what may be the most gutsy leaving-for-college of the four Ackermann children.  Montclair is in New Jersey, just outside NYC, and Adrienne doesn’t know a soul there.  Talk about expanding your horizons!  I think we all know she’ll do great.

In lieu of our typical “movie night”, our family watched Barack Obama’s inspiring acceptance speech that my dad had taped the night before.  Not all of us are Obama fans, but it was still cool to watch together as our country named its first black man as a major party’s Presidential nominee.  What a cool time to be an American.

Saturday morning I met up with Mike, Tom, and Patrick for a greasy breakfast at Al’s and some kayaking on the Patuxent.  It was good to hang out with just the guys, as being married tends to make “man time” increasingly scarce.  However, I must admit for good measure that as the other three enjoyed cigars on the river, I instead snacked on a granola bar.  A less manly choice, one might argue, but certainly a healthier one!  I’ll be throwing it in their faces decades from now when they’re all hacking up a lung while I win a triathlon.  :)

Drea and I met up with Allison and Rich, two of our most favorite people, hands down.  We grabbed dinner at TGI Fridays, followed by one of those meanderings through Barnes & Noble where you spend an hour flipping through books and sitting in their comfy chairs, and then walk out without buying a thing.  (Nowadays, I pretty much only go into B&N to “preview” books I will later order used on half.com.   Dude, I love Barnes & Noble.)

In other news, Drea officially launched her photography website and blog, proving once again her passion and fast-growing competence for photography.  In less than a year, she’s made an impressive foray into a brand-new field, built up her clientele base, and seen her business quickly blossom, largely by word-of-mouth.  People, my wife is just cool.

As I type, it’s 9:00 and we’re about to start a movie.  This is an atypical Sunday night for us, as we’re usually in bed by 10.  But such is the glory of holiday weekends, where we can stay up late and sleep in, just because we can.

Hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day!