With our flight not leaving until 3:20, we had a few hours to kill, so we took a little drive into Denver to check out the downtown area.  Denver is a cool city (figuratively and literally), replete with sleek skyscrapers, green parks, charming neighborhoods, and views of the Rocky Mountains from almost anywhere in the city.  (You can never get lost in Denver; the mountains are always to the west.)

Our little foray into the Mile-High City didn’t produce many tangible memories, save for lunch at and/or pilgrimage to the original Chipotle restaurant and a brief drive through the University of Denver’s picturesque campus.

Saying goodbye to Colorado, we flew out of Denver, arriving in Raleigh for our layover a few hours later.  Given the now-obsolescence of in-flight meals, we were starved for dinner, but crushed (and slightly pissed off) to find all the Raleigh airport restaurants closed.  (It was 8:45. I mean, come on.)  We managed to temporarily fend off our hunger by inhaling about 14 bags of pretzels and peanuts on the flight to Baltimore.

As my parents picked us up at BWI, we (or I) had a brief moment of sadness that our big trip was over.  But we were ready to be home, sleeping in our own bed. Drea and I also realized that we have different views on what constitutes a great vacation.  She likes to go somewhere for a week and just relax; I like to drive all over the place, seeing as many sights as possible.  Needless to say then, this trip was tailored more to my liking.  :)  But we both had a great time, she didn’t mind the long drives as much as expected, and I promised our next vacation would be a little more low-key.  (Hmm…another challenge!)

So, we’re glad to be home.  Thanks for reading!