My Uncle Alex met us in Colorado Springs to show us the office of the company he recently started. His company publishes tourist maps for local chambers of commerce. The combination of geography and graphic design made it an especially intriguing/cool experience for me.

An atypical weather pattern of constant rain in the area foiled our plans to drive to the top of Pikes Peak. This was moderately disappointing for me, but Drea, having dealt with some mild altitude sickness already, wasn’t too keen on driving above 14,000 feet anyway. We stopped at Garden of the Gods, which was nice but unspectacular in the gloomy drizzle.


Alex, at the last minute, had managed to score us a free dinner and hotel room in Eagle, CO after our original hotel flooded. He had even suggested a scenic mountain route for us to take, but with the weather (and roads) getting continually worse, I opted instead to stick with the interstates for safe measure.

Turns out we were pretty screwed anyway, as we caught evening rush hour traffic (exacerbated by the unusual rain) on I-25 coming into Denver, and again on I-70 out of Denver into the mountains. Drea slept as I navigated the nightmarish roads. Even the majestic mountains looked depressing juxtaposed against the congested interstate and cloudy rain. I’ll confess I was in a pretty dismal mood.

The weather finally cleared as we pushed west, and we arrived in Eagle to sunny clear skies. It’s amazing how just a improvement of weather can change your mood.

We had a great dinner at the Broadway Cafe, compliments of Alex, then settled into our hotel (again, compliments of Alex) for the night. We watched Michael Phelps make Olympic history in Beijing and called it a day.