After sleeping way in (vacations are great), we forged north out of Ouray.

Since my dad let us use his Golden Eagle (basically a prepaid “season pass” to any US National Park, I figured we might as well stop at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, just east of Montrose. I’m not going to lie – after seeing the Grand Canyon, Black Canyon seems just a little anticlimactic. Beautiful indeed, but let’s face it, what can compare with the GC?

We continued east on Rt. 50 through Montrose and Salida, stopping to take a peek at the Royal Gorge Bridge, the world’s highest suspension bridge that hangs a dizzying 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River. We took a few shots at the overlook in lieu of paying $18 a person to stand on the bridge itself.

The mountains leveled out as we made our way into Pueblo. We stayed at my Uncle Alex and Aunt Donna’s house for the night and had a great time catching up with them and their kids. Donna cooked us a stellar Asian dinner and we had a chance to meet a friend of theirs who’s a pastor in India. Very cool.

We stayed up talking until most of us could barely keep our eyes open. Drea and I used some of Donna’s kitchen glasses to store our contact lenses in as I had left our lens cases back in Ouray. :)