Since it’s not every day you’re staying 15 minutes away from the Grand Canyon, we decided to get up to watch the sunrise. We again found a little cliff to ourselves, this time facing the west end of the canyon to appreciate the sunrise. We both agreed it was better than the sunset. Drea’s pictures here, although pretty good in my opinion, still can’t begin to capture what it’s like to experience it in person.


Just a quick word about the Grand Canyon. If you’ve never seen it, you’re completely missing out. This was (I think) my third time, and I still found myself overwhelmed as if seeing it for the first time. Standing on the rim and taking in the sheer size and majesty of it makes you stop to catch your breath and appreciate God’s unmatched creativity. This is the canyon of all canyons, the most spectacular hole in the ground you’ll ever see. OK, end of plug. :)

After the sunrise, we took off on a little morning hike down Bright Angel Trail (per my dad’s recommendation.) The descent down into the canyon was fairly easy, and the ascent was obviously much more difficult! The entire hike, however, was picturesque and enjoyable, challenging as it was!

The Grand Canyon is obviously a destination for both Americans and foreigners, and we noticed the odd abundance of French people. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many French people in my life. Perhaps it’s a holiday weekend in France?

We left Tusayan around 11, making our way along the canyon’s south rim. Along the way, we stopped at a few scenic overlooks and appreciated more views of the canyon.

Heading east, the desert became more pronounced as the trees became shorter and more sparse. We stopped for lunch at the Cameron Trading Post, a Native American establishment literally smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. That said, it was good food, probably about the best to be found in a baking, lonely desert outpost.

After lunch, we took a detour north into Utah to see Monument Valley, as evidenced by this popular shot you might recognize. The running scene in Forrest Gump came to mind for us.

Drea talked me into forking over $3 a person to see Four Courners, where you can stand in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico simultaneously. Kind of a rip-off, but sort of cool nonetheless! This also marked the monumental event of Drea’s first steps into Colorado, the best state in our country. Let’s face it people, with its mountains, clean cities, endless outdoor activities, good schools, and great weather, Colorado simply kicks ass.


Finally making our way into Durango, CO, we checked in the unexpectedly nice Best Western Mountain Shadows. We grabbed some pizza and took a dip into the pool/hot tub before hitting the hay.

We’re having a great time! More to come tomorrow.