I’ve begun to wrestle with some things recently. Things I thought would be long gone after marriage. Things that are hard to realize. Especially when they are about you.

I was talking with my dear friend Anna last weekend about being a female and finding your fulfillment. For some reason, our hearts just scream for attention. Everyone thinks that marriage ends these voices. But it doesn’t. My fulfillment does not come from Drew.

I am not complaining about my life. I have a super gracious husband, a budding career and more encouragement than a girl could need. But those things do not satisfy me. Even if I think they do for moments, or days or even weeks…they run out. Drew is not immortal, friends scatter and careers end. And I am left alone with my poor, screaming heart.

This morning, I went through my normal blog-stalking routine. I came across this post. She’s on to something.

Perhaps I am naive to think that God will fulfill my heart, that he cares or even exists. But one simple look at my life makes me care less about being viewed as naive. He’s real. He cares. He fulfills. I’m the proof.