Two things I want to post about today: vacuum cleaner reality check & pool woes.

1. Vacuum cleaner reality check
Saturday evening, Drew went to his gig at The Westlawn Inn and I opted to stay home and do some long-overdue cleaning.

I picked up, scrubbed the kitchen sink, did two loads of laundry. When it came time to vacuum, I pulled out our little Shark and went to town. I was a vacuuming machine. Under the couch, under the bed, in our closet, the bathroom, the kitchen the laundry closet, the doorway; I left no corner untouched. When I was done, I sat down and gloried in the cleanliness.

It was then that I realized: I had vacuumed our entire house without ever having to plug into a different outlet. That’s right, friends. Our apartment is so small that the small cord of our vacuum cleaner reaches to every corner. It was a little bit sad.

2. Pool woes
I have been dying to use our apartment pool. When the leasing office announced they were handing out pool passes, I was the first one to go get them. I can’t wait to get a tan – this summer I don’t have to worry about tan lines in a wedding dress! Plus, we didn’t get to use the pool last summer.

The pool officially opened last weekend, but I was gone all weekend for Amanda’s wedding. No big deal, maybe I could go one evening after work. Nope, my accounting class started this week, so no evening swim. The weekend – yes, I will go then.

Saturday morning, Renata and I had a meeting with a bride and Drew came along. It was perfect pool weather. After our meeting, Drew and I grabbed some lunch and SPF 45 (for Mr. Pasty-Pale) and drove home, excited for our first pool experience of the summer. As we hit Rt. 50, a giant bolt of lightning diminshed my dream. The rain poured down in buckets and the pool would have to wait another day.

Sunday afternoon. This is it. Nothing is standing in our way. Let’s go. We pack up our new, yet-to-be-used beach towels, and head down to the pool, pool passes in stow. We arrive. There are no lawn chairs left, as people are sunbathing. No one is actually IN the pool. They all just stared at us. Drew and I felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to be on display while in the pool, so we turned around and went home.

We have something every evening this week. This weekend we will be in NC for a wedding. So no pool. Very sad.