Michelle, Maria and I were almost giddy on the way home from shooting a wedding on Friday. We get a normal Saturday!

This past Saturday was the first normal Saturday I’ve had in 5 weeks! Between best friend’s bachelorette weekends, middle school retreats, 2 weddings and 2 senior shoots, I haven’t had a spare Saturday to save my life. I made sure to soak it up.

I let myself wake up to the sun – ahh, a glorious feeling. Drew was already out of bed and eating breakfast by the time I emerged at 8:30. I got to work – spending my Saturday right – immediately. I caught up on my image editing. I started a book I’ve been dying to read and have had for years but haven’t started, a biography of Martin Luther. I made a dent in the laundry. I deep cleaned the bathroom. Drew and I went out for a leisurely lunch. We sat around. It was great.

Saturday evening was our first Life Group meeting, which was incredibly encouraging. We’ll write more about Life Groups soon. :)

Even though it’s back-to-the-grind Monday, I’m in chipper spirits, thanks to my sweet Saturday. Long live Saturdays!