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Drew is planning our vacation out west, and giving me the play-by-play.

Drew: Oh, and we’re going to drive to the top of Pike’s Peak!
Me: Cool!
Drew: “America the Beautiful” was inspired by the view from the top of that mug!

Anyone else see the Drew-esque-ness in this sentence?



One of our best friends, Steven Lamkin (affectionately known as “Lammy”), made the paper this weekend. Steven is a kindergarten teacher in Salisbury and could not be more deserving of this media attention :)

Click here to read the article.

Steven is definitely one of the best friends each of us has ever had…and we miss you Steven!

P.S. We saw Steven’s article on Steve and Leslie’s blog first. Just giving credit where credit is due. :)

I noticed today that Drea has contributed no less than 13 pieces of blogerature since my last post, so I would be remiss, nay, NEGLIGENT in my marital obligation if I didn’t post sometime soon! So, to update…

Tom and I went to see the Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile at Ram’s Head on Saturday. It was my first time at Ram’s Head, and I’d love to see some more shows there. It’s cozy but not cramped, and they serve an excellent beer. Chris Thile (most commonly known as the lead singer of Nickel Creek) was, of course, incredible. His technical skill and innovation on the mandolin were amazing to watch, especially from our sweet seats, which were about 15 feet from the stage.

In other news, our vacation out west looks like it’s going to be back on track for August. I’m having a blast planning out our trip. Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Ouray, Denver/Boulder, and Rocky Mountain Nt’l Park are part of our plans. Hopefully some great posts and pictures will come out of that.

I would say I’ll try to post again soon, but that would most likely make me a liar. Plus I’m sure Drea will graciously pick up my slack. :)

The Burcham fam is featured on the Maria Vicencio Photography blog.

Check it out – and hire her!

Please enjoy this preview of family pictures by Maria Vicencio. And try not to get motion sick. :)

It is a well known fact that Drew thinks he is the funnier half of the Ackermanns. I will often find him laughing at himself. I think I’m pretty funny too, and Drew laughs at what I say sometimes! I still don’t get credit for it.

Me: You think I’m funny, right?
Drew: Well yeah. But only because I MAKE you funny to myself.
Me: So you are taking credit for the fact that you think I’m funny?
Drew: Yep.

Michelle, Maria and I were almost giddy on the way home from shooting a wedding on Friday. We get a normal Saturday!

This past Saturday was the first normal Saturday I’ve had in 5 weeks! Between best friend’s bachelorette weekends, middle school retreats, 2 weddings and 2 senior shoots, I haven’t had a spare Saturday to save my life. I made sure to soak it up.

I let myself wake up to the sun – ahh, a glorious feeling. Drew was already out of bed and eating breakfast by the time I emerged at 8:30. I got to work – spending my Saturday right – immediately. I caught up on my image editing. I started a book I’ve been dying to read and have had for years but haven’t started, a biography of Martin Luther. I made a dent in the laundry. I deep cleaned the bathroom. Drew and I went out for a leisurely lunch. We sat around. It was great.

Saturday evening was our first Life Group meeting, which was incredibly encouraging. We’ll write more about Life Groups soon. :)

Even though it’s back-to-the-grind Monday, I’m in chipper spirits, thanks to my sweet Saturday. Long live Saturdays!

I can’t believe it’s already May! Time flies by when you are not counting down the days until your wedding. It’s hard to believe that we were not even married at this time last year.

In May 2007…

  • I was getting ready to graduate (Congratulations to my graduating friends!)
  • We had only been engaged for six months
  • Our wedding was still three months away
  • Drew was living in his parents’ basement
  • We were always tired from staying up late
  • I had no idea what kind of a job I wanted

My, have things changed. In May 2008…

  • We have been married for 9 (whoa!) months on May 10
  • We live together (heck yes)
  • We go to bed before 10
  • We both have good ideas about what we want to do with our lives

Not only are things changing in OUR lives, May marks the wedding month of one of my best friends and kindred spirit, Amanda! I’m a bridesmaid in the wedding and Drew is faux-DJing the reception, so we are pumped! Amanda’s wedding really kicks off wedding season, so let the wedding season begin!

Happy May!