I’ll be the first to admit that Drew is way too good to me. I am super spoiled, plus have a husband that makes sure I don’t become a brat (though I’m sure that’s a difficult job). Case in point:

Sometime in the last 2 weeks, I started to pine for a good massage. I’ve only had a professional massage one time in my life – on our honeymoon – and it was…well…interesting. We are not “spa” people. Who can afford that, geez? We’ve gotten pretty good as massaging each other, but that’s about as far as it goes.

So why the yearn? We got an Annapolis coupon book in the mail recently and before I threw it away, I decided to thumb through it. Wouldn’t you know, there was an ad for a local spa. Look, Drew! This ad is a coupon for massages! Let’s go get one! I plead. No. Okay then. I threw the book away, amongst promises of MAYBE getting a massage for our one year anniversary.

Also in recent weeks, I’ve been asking Drew for a TomTom. I reeealllly need one, Drew! If I’m going to be driving all over for photo sessions, I really should have some kind of navigation. He thought about it. He told me to do some research and then maybe we’d go look at some.

Flash to bedtime last night. I ask Drew if we can go look at TomToms Tuesday after work. He says maybe. I then proceed to ask if we can get massages. He says no. I work and work to get to a “maybe”. Somehow, Drew ended up giving me an ultimatum: massages or a TomTom. Choose.

I chose massages. I laid down on my pillow. I sat up. But Drew, if I’m going to get a TomTom eventually anyway, why shouldn’t we just get one now? Oh, I’m good.

As I type this post, I can glance down at my calendar and see our massage appointment for next Tuesday evening written in all caps with an exclamation point on the end. If I wrote down every single little detail of life in my calendar, I could also glance down and see that Drew and I will be going to BestBuy tonight after work to look at TomToms.

Go ahead, call me a spoiled brat. I’ll be too relaxed from my massage to care. Then I’ll drive far away from you with the help of my new TomTom.