I’m currently sitting in the green room (which is actually green) of Northbay’s club room, listening to Alan and Fisch practice some songs on stage. What a weekend. :)

This is the fourth time Drew and I have been invited to be part of the rocking worship band for the Light Company spring retreat. It’s always a blast. No sleep, but a blast none the less. Two hundred+ middle schoolers, crazy leaders, lots of games, a shaving cream battle…to give you an idea.

Since we married this year, the very kind planners gave Drew and I our own room! Woo! Needless to say, we’re sleeping a lot better this year (last year I stayed with 8th grade girls…).

I didn’t bring my camera, but other people did and I will steal some of theirs :)

Just a hello from fabulous Northbay. We’ll be home Sunday!