As promised (albeit on by Drea on my behalf), here are some my current musical favorites…

Love Is the Seventh Wave – The Duhks

I believe this song is a Sting original, but the Duhks have redone it using a combination of bluegrass and reggae styles. This seemingly unconventional pairing makes it a one-of-a-kind new favorite. The Duhks (a French Canadian “neo-bluegrass” group) seem promising. I’d like to get some more of their music. The few songs I’ve heard from them are equally unique as this one.

Hold On Tight – Electric Light Orchestra

This is embarrassing because I started liking this song because I heard it on a Honda commercial. Yes, pathetic, I know. I also know pretty much nothing about ELO, except they were big in the UK during the 70’s and 80’s. I’ll also admit the lyrics to this song are pretty generic (except for an anomalous verse in French), but it’s got a great beat, the kind that makes you want to drive like 30mph over the speed limit. So I like it.

Everlasting God

I’m sure many people have already recorded this song, but the two versions I’ve heard are from Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster. Dramatically different versions, but equally well-done. I’m not usually big on the pop-worship blockbuster songs, but this one is just good. The words from Isaiah 40 are well-matched with a melody that can be reflective (Tomlin’s version) or rockin’ out (Brewster).

Thunder on the Mountain – Bob Dylan

This is the opener to Dylan’s most recent album, Modern Times. This album, by the way, debuted at #1, making Dylan, then 65, the oldest person ever to have this distinction. Cool. Anyhow, this song is a blues-rocker in which Dylan expresses, among other things, his fondess of Alicia Keys. (Needless to say, the lyrics are unique.) Even with his vocal range noticeably narrower than before, I think this album is one of the best albums of his career (and I’ve heard a lot of them, thanks to my dad.)

Well, that’s all for now. Drea and I agree that certain music reminds us of specific times, places, and events in our lives. So hopefully we can post our music favorites every so often to keep the memories alive. :)