Does Drew’s post count? Well, just to make sure, I am posting anyway. :)

We are very proud of ourselves. We finally took the initiative to get a little organized. Drew was off work on Good Friday, so I went ahead and treated myself to a half day. We gathered up the gift cards and headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had a blast going through the aisles, looking for ways to get organized. Drew was…less enthused. He was happy though, when we got home and put our stuff together, how much better things looked!

Highlights of our organization…

A glorious shoe rack. Before, all of our shoes were strewn about the bottom of our closet and we couldn’t walk in without ruining some shoes and hurting our feet. 

Please notice how Drew’s shoes take up the top 2 racks. All the rest are mine.

After 7 months of marriage, we finally own an iron. Plus, I am extra proud because we found a way to maximize our space by hanging!


We’re quickly outgrowing our space and thinking about what we’re going to do when our lease ends in October. Another apartment? A basement? A townhouse?! I guess we’ll see. 

P.S. Tonight I found Drew’s old point and shoot camera with video capabilities…so maybe some video posts to come?