Today’s post was originally supposed to be about organization. After living in 600 square feet for over 6 months, we have finally started to get smart about taking advantage of our space. I was going to post pictures and everything! But now, since it is past my bedtime and the pictures are still not loaded up, I’m going to hold off on the organization post until tomorrow. It’ll just have to wait.

Instead, I’ll talk about something that is sure to be intriguing – our family life and future.

Tonight, Drew and I spent the evening with the Ackermann’s, celebrating Allison’s 23rd birthday. I love the Ackermann birthday traditions: a “special plate” for the birthday girl/boy, schmärren for dinner (German pancakes served with applesauce), Mrs. Ackermann telling the birth story, singing 5 different birthday songs, and of course, cake and presents.

After dinner tonight, we watched some home movies of the Ackermann kids. I just love seeing Drew as a 7 year old. Tonight’s video featured Drew losing a tooth, Abby calling her dad at work to tell him about her ponytails, Adrienne falling asleep at the dinner table, and the whole family (4 kids, 2 parents) stuffed into a single hotel room with one double bed. They’re a fun family.

Drew and I talked about our family all the way home. Baby fever is in high swing, as people left and right are having babies (particularly girls!). We are 100% not ready to have a baby yet, but it’s still fun to talk about. Some things we want for our family:

  • a lot of quality time (since it’s my love language, I don’t think we’ll have a big issue with this one)
  • real values (not being too materialistic, loving their grandparents and enjoying family vacations among others)
  • home videos (we will be buying a camcorder as soon as baby #1 arrives)

Of course there are many other things we want for our family, but these are some points we hit on tonight. It’s exciting to think about our kids – little mixtures of me and him.

As marriage continues, it’s really interesting to learn more things about each other. We have started to realize we view God’s traits a little differently, putting slightly different emphasis on some. Even still, we love being together and knowing that we were purposed to be.

Sidenote: It will be very interesting to see what our kids look like. We can’t decide who’s traits will shine through…though everyone knows that Asian is always better. :)