*Edited: The D40 has been sold!*

As posted on the photo blog.

Here ye, here ye, come one, come all! The deal of a lifetime!

Okay, maybe not a lifetime, but it’s still a pretty good one :) Renata is selling the beloved Nikon D40 and 18-55mm lens. This camera is GREAT – if you are interested in breaking into the digital SLR world, this is the camera you want. Check out the specs here.

This camera is only 5 months old, in great condition and will come with all the original packaging, including camera strap, battery and charger. Renata is also kicking in the 18-55mm lens which is, again, a great lens to break into digital SLR.

The D40 retails around $600. Renata is selling the camera and lens for $400.

We can both attest proudly to our love and affection for this camera as it has served us both very well.

Email me at andrea.ackermann@gmail.com or comment on this post if you are interested!

Nikon D40

Any takers? :)

P.S. Can we get a hand for Drew posting the last 3 blog posts?! You go, husband!