Drea and I spent this past weekend in Boston to celebrate Valentine’s Day, our 6-month anniversary, and/or her Christmas gift to me, which was tickets to a Boston performance of Mozart’s Requiem in D minor (one of my favorites.) After Drea shot her first wedding on Saturday (she makes me so proud), we left our place at 6pm for the 8-hour drive to Boston. (Crazy, we know.) Drea slept through most of the New Jersey Turnpike (not like she was missing much!) and I managed to stay awake thanks to two Cokes and a quad venti caramel macchiato. She woke up and we enjoyed a traffic-free, quality-time-filled drive through New York and Connecticut. We finally rolled into Boston around 2am.

Sunday morning, we slept in, grabbed some breakfast at Friendly’s, and took the subway into town for the concert. (Side note: Boston’s subways go like 20mph and periodically shut down between stations – awesome!) We ended up about 40 minutes late to the concert, which was actually OK because it was a double-header featuring another piece before the Requiem began. The concert was incredible – probably some of the best live classical music I’ve heard. Afterwards, we took in the view from the top of the Prudential Tower (2nd-highest in Boston) and headed back to our hotel to watch “Dan in Real Life”, which we liked.

We left Monday morning and drove back. After sitting in rush hour traffic on the NJ Turnpike, we stopped in Harford County to meet up with Drea’s best friend from childhood, who treated us to a fine dinner in charming Havre de Grace.

We finally arrived home late Monday night. We were tired, but thankful for the chance to get away for the weekend!