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Happy 2000 hits, blog! In honor of 2000 hits, our blog deserved a little makeover.  Whaddya think? 


*Edited: The D40 has been sold!*

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Here ye, here ye, come one, come all! The deal of a lifetime!

Okay, maybe not a lifetime, but it’s still a pretty good one :) Renata is selling the beloved Nikon D40 and 18-55mm lens. This camera is GREAT – if you are interested in breaking into the digital SLR world, this is the camera you want. Check out the specs here.

This camera is only 5 months old, in great condition and will come with all the original packaging, including camera strap, battery and charger. Renata is also kicking in the 18-55mm lens which is, again, a great lens to break into digital SLR.

The D40 retails around $600. Renata is selling the camera and lens for $400.

We can both attest proudly to our love and affection for this camera as it has served us both very well.

Email me at or comment on this post if you are interested!

Nikon D40

Any takers? :)

P.S. Can we get a hand for Drew posting the last 3 blog posts?! You go, husband!

Drea and I spent this past weekend in Boston to celebrate Valentine’s Day, our 6-month anniversary, and/or her Christmas gift to me, which was tickets to a Boston performance of Mozart’s Requiem in D minor (one of my favorites.) After Drea shot her first wedding on Saturday (she makes me so proud), we left our place at 6pm for the 8-hour drive to Boston. (Crazy, we know.) Drea slept through most of the New Jersey Turnpike (not like she was missing much!) and I managed to stay awake thanks to two Cokes and a quad venti caramel macchiato. She woke up and we enjoyed a traffic-free, quality-time-filled drive through New York and Connecticut. We finally rolled into Boston around 2am.

Sunday morning, we slept in, grabbed some breakfast at Friendly’s, and took the subway into town for the concert. (Side note: Boston’s subways go like 20mph and periodically shut down between stations – awesome!) We ended up about 40 minutes late to the concert, which was actually OK because it was a double-header featuring another piece before the Requiem began. The concert was incredible – probably some of the best live classical music I’ve heard. Afterwards, we took in the view from the top of the Prudential Tower (2nd-highest in Boston) and headed back to our hotel to watch “Dan in Real Life”, which we liked.

We left Monday morning and drove back. After sitting in rush hour traffic on the NJ Turnpike, we stopped in Harford County to meet up with Drea’s best friend from childhood, who treated us to a fine dinner in charming Havre de Grace.

We finally arrived home late Monday night. We were tired, but thankful for the chance to get away for the weekend!

Let me begin by saying that this blog is not meant endorse any certain product or service (well, besides Drea’s budding photography business.) HOWEVER, I find that Pandora Radio is so brilliant that it merits its own special spot on our blog. I discovered it about a year ago, and it has since received continuous play at my work computer. To explain Pandora’s brilliance would be beyond my ability, so here’s the “official” scoop taken from their website:

Since we started back in 2000, we have been hard at work on the Music Genome Project. It’s the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken. Together our team of fifty musician-analysts has been listening to music, one song at a time, studying and collecting literally hundreds of musical details on every song. It takes 20-30 minutes per song to capture all of the little details that give each recording its magical sound – melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics … and more – close to 400 attributes! We continue this work every day to keep up with the incredible flow of great new music coming from studios, stadiums and garages around the country.

With Pandora you can explore this vast trove of music to your heart’s content. Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs or artists into Pandora and let the Genome Project go. It will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings – new and old, well known and completely obscure – to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Then sit back and enjoy as it creates a listening experience full of current and soon-to-be favorite songs for you.

Again, sheer blog post worthy brilliance. I’ve discovered so much great music that I probably would never have heard otherwise. So I urge you to check it out!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been tentatively planning a spectacular summer vacation for me and Drea out west. She’s never been west of Tennessee (besides a church trip to L.A.) Appalled at this tragedy, I was pretty psyched at the thought of introducing her to the REAL west, especially the crown jewel of the continental U.S. (that, of course, being the state of Colorado.) Our trip was to be essentially a leisurely drive from Las Vegas to Denver, with stops including the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park. I should admit that I was hoping this trip would be “the kicker” in convincing Drea (and maybe her parents) to eventually move to Colorado. But, in considering our finances, and the fact that we’re planning to go to Colorado next summer for a family reunion, we decided to scrap the trip. However, this also means we’ll be able to go with my family to Maine and Nova Scotia this summer. So, there is hope!

In other news, I think this is going to be the first plans-free weekend Drea and I have had in a while. What a beautiful thing! I think we’re going to catch up on Lost (still in season 2!).

You stay classy, blogosphere. And thanks for stopping by. But mainly, stay classy. :)