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Okay, so it’s time for a couple apologies.

1. I’m sorry that the pictures that were promised to be posted still are not. That is completely my fault. I’m really not sure if they will ever get posted. Maybe I made the promise just so I wouldn’t have to say, “And sorry, there are plenty of pictures of ‘This our first Christmas’ and our Pocono vacation, but I really don’t have time to upload them.” But there it is. There ARE plenty of pictures and I don’t know that they will ever end up on the blog. There’s just not enough time in the day.

2. I’m sorry that there hasn’t been a whole lot of activity on this here blog the past month or so. This is not completely my fault. Drew is sad, claiming that I never write in the blog anymore, I only write in my photoblog. Well, maybe it’s time for Drew to step up! Who agrees?! Who wants to see more of what Drew has to say? I DO! (Are you listening, husband? :) )

To our lovely, patient, faithful Blog,

I’m sorry you have been feeling neglected lately. I’m sorry you feel like second best, the overshadowed underdog, pressed under the weight of the photoblog. We will return and re-establish you to glory. I promise.