Well, friends, we have broken the two week posting streak :) I think this is a good thing…it means we are too busy with life to blog about it!

We have been up to so much the past few weeks! Our first married Christmas snuck up and nailed us. Man, I have never been so busy! Christmas has always been a relaxing time for me – I’ve had a break from school and nothing to do but chill out. This year, however, between full-time jobs, Christmas photography clients :), choir concerts, getting gifts, Christmas parties, wrapping, and all the normal stuff we already keep busy with, Christmas was a little crazy. We enjoyed it though. We kept reminding each other of the specialness of the holiday for us by referring to it as “this our first Christmas”. Christmas Eve was great; we went to service at 7 and then spent the night at our place alone to enjoy it. I don’t think I have ever eaten so much as I did on Christmas Day. We exchanged gifts at Drew’s parents’ house and had brunch, then we headed to my parents’ house for more gifts and lunch, then to Drew’s uncle’s house for dinner – 3 gigantinormous meals. Glorious.

We decided that we would only get each other one gift this year, with a price limit. Drew figured out a way to get me a sweet camera lens I had been coveting by getting his family in on the gift. Oh man, that lens is great. I got Drew tickets to see his favorite piece of classical music, Mozart’s Requiem, in Boston over Valentine’s Day. He loved it.

The day after Christmas, we did absolutely nothing. It. Was. So. Great. Then, Thursday, we left for a Poconos vacation with the Ackermanns. We spent the past four days in a cabin in the Poconos, lounging in the hot tub, playing games with the family and just enjoying being together! It was awesome! I got to experience skiing the first time. My official statement: I hate skiing. I sucked at it and I am so, so sore. But I’m glad I went, and do not regret anything about the vacation :)

Now, we are home and it’s back to real life. As I type this, poor Drew is at work (who works on New Year’s Eve?!). Tonight, we are going to our friend Kristen’s house for a partaaay and tomorrow we will be sleeping in and trying to enjoy our last day of vacation.

I promise to post pictures of “this our first Christmas” as soon as possible :)

Happy New Year!