(No, Randi, this is not an ode to you. :) ) 

So, this being our first Christmas, I absolutely insisted that we get a real tree. My dad is allergic to a lot of things, one of them being pine trees, so I have never had a real tree! I am enjoying watering the tree and dustbusting the pine needles waaaay too much.

We had planned on getting a tree right after Thanksgiving. We ended up getting it this past Monday. We had planned on going to a tree farm and cutting it down (for me to get the whole real tree experience). We bought one for $20 at Home Depot. :) I think it’s great! It’s the perfect little tree and looks just perfect in our apartment. And it smells glorious!

In other holiday news, this has been the busiest holiday season of my life! Last weekend was non-stop; we both took off work Monday and poor Drew got really sick. But we are loving life and our first Christmas together :)