I guess I’ve (we’ve) been pretty good about updating this blog every two weeks or so. Usually it’s just a look back at the previous two weeks between blogs…sometimes some fun pictures. This blog, however, is a look backward AND forward.

The past two weeks have been really exciting, really GOOD and really scary. God has busted into our lives in a forceful, welcomed way. Goodness. We have taken a good look at where we are and perhaps been shown glimpses of what the next few years might be like. To be honest, the excitement and novelty of being newlyweds got old pretty quick. This is the nitty gritty, real, messy stuff we’ve been waiting for: the rest of our lives.

It’s funny, when we first started dating and really wondering where our futures were going, we talked about things like, “What if God called you to another country to die there? Would you do it?” or “I want to live in a mud hut.” I remember the excitement and romanticism of those conversations, mixed in with falling in love. What a crazy time. But I can honestly say that our hearts were fully God’s. Maybe even more than they are now. We were so ready to do anything for Him, NO MATTER WHAT.

Now, two years and a wedding later, some of those grand aspirations look a little different. Instead of martyr, maybe it’s mother. Instead of missionary, maybe it’s full-time employee (who says they are that different?). Either way, the past week has been an evaluation of if we are still willing to live a life of worship, no matter what is looks like. I can say with a good amount of certainty that God is not calling us to a mud hut in India (though if He did we might pee a little in excitement and fear). God, in His goodness, is calling us to average American lives. To pay bills and deal with money. To buy “work clothes”. To drive the beltway. To interact with people who’s cars are more important than their spouses and their jobs more important than their kids. Sometimes, I think it’s harder than shacking it up in a mud hut.

Though I’m not giving a lot of detail about what we think might be in store for us in the near future (at least not until a few more things are really solidified), I can tell you that we are excited. And terrified. I will also tell you that God is near. More near than we’ve let Him be in some time. I had forgotten what it was like to trust someone else with my future. It is the most reassuring thing to be led by someone who’s proved Himself, even when you forget He has.

If you read this blog and feel so inclined, please pray for us. Though this is an exciting time, it is also a confusing one. We are so worried of wrong motivations and eagerness to the point of rushing. Pray that our next steps are clear and that no matter what they are that we will take them.


It is a ridiculous life we (all) lead. How great it is to know that we are not missing out on anything. We have been promised a FULL life, the whole shabang. No second guessing or regretting or wishing we had tried something else. Just life.

Until next time…ehh, two weeks or so… :)