You know, now that I’m “grown up”, I feel that the word “cool” isn’t as acceptable. You know, at work when the boss says, “Everybody got it?” I can’t just be like, “Cool.” I’m already the youngest one there, so I say something like, “Absolutely.” or “Excellent.” You know, something adult-y. But here in blogland, I can say whatever I want! So, here’s a list of things that I think are cool lately:

  • I started a new job with ACS and get to sign all my emails “project manager” (!). I also get my own space! Even though it’s a non-private cubicle, it’s nice to have my own domain :) (P.S. I realize I am a huge dork and am obviously a recent, wide-eyed college graduate. I’m okay with it.)
  • Drew and I might be getting the hang of the whole money thing. The other night, we went to Staples and bought a whole organizing station (which really just means a file holder and two paper trays) and went home and organized the mess which was our desk. All of our bills get their own little tabbed folder and there is a designated space for “incoming mail” and “outgoing mail”.
  • We got a magazine from Gospel for Asia the other day. (If you don’t know about GFA, click here. We’ve never given money to a better organization.) It is such an awesome thing; it’s called the Christmas catalog and in it, you can “order” items to be given to people in India. For example, for $5, you can provide a family with chickens. The gifts range from $1 to $5000. There are also items that you can order for yourself, like books. It is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.
  • My dad gave me a camera bag that he had laying around. It’s so COOL. It was given to him by a professional photographer friend who got it from the WHITE HOUSE. Apparently, they give “official White House photographers” special camera bags…and I have one. Besides being a great quality bag, it says, “Official White House Photographer” on it. C’mon, that IS cool.
  • We led worship for the middle schoolers for the first time last Sunday! A lot different than what we are used to (you know, LC retreats), there are only about 40 kids and they didn’t really know how to take us. We just decided to go in full of energy and make fools of ourselves…and we did. We’re so excited to be teaching them songs they don’t know. We’ve found a niche for sure!
  • Drew’s taking on a big project…recording his hymns medley from his senior recital. All of the originals are on board (Smizzle, Alan, Steven), plus some new recruits (Tom and Mike). Drew’s going to make some new arrangements, put together CD’s for the singers and then produce the whole thing! We’re scheduled to record with Jason sometime in January.
  • I might be photographing the Brown family this weekend! Jason and Shannon Brown have the most gorgeous kids I have ever seen and Shannon has agreed to at least let me photograph their daughter, Faith (who seriously, is so gorgeous). I’m excited to give it a shot!
  • Tomorrow, we are going to a friend’s wedding – the first since our own. We get to hang out with Jeff and Meg! We’re excited to be going to a wedding as a married couple :)
  • Last, but not least, Katie Kosko is coming to visit this month. I am so stinking excited about this. Katie is one of the coolest people I know :) We’re planning on going out to dinner and just chatting the night away. COOL.

Also cool, it’s finally fall and finally November! I told Drew this morning that I am so excited about this year’s holiday season (he promptly made fun of me for saying “holiday season”). I can’t wait to try and cook a turkey :) We are also going on a sweet Christmas vacation with Drew’s family; a cabin in PA, close to NYC and a ski resort, WITH a hot tub. SO COOL.

So, what cool things are happening with you? :)