So, Drew and I just discovered that someone from China, Italy and the Czech Republic have visited our blog! We check our blog hits every now and then and just found out that the site we use tracks location!

This might be crazy, but we’re curious. If you read this blog ever, could you comment with your name, where you are from and (if you don’t know us in real life) how you found our blog? We would love to know who reads it! (We really thought just our friends and family did.) Even if you are a Salisburian (who we love!), we would love to know you find anything intriguing about our blog. So please, if you are reading this right now, even if you don’t know us in real life, you are our best friend, or you kind of know us but feel uncomfortable commenting, just COMMENT! We want to know who you are and where you are from :) (This includes you Fisch, Randi and Katie.)

Please grace our blog with your comment.

We’re anxious to see the replies!

The Acks.