Drew and I have become more adventurous since getting married, checking out fun stuff in DC and enjoying ourselves. Thought I would share a couple of pictures from our recent adventures…

A couple of weeks ago, we saw two IMAX movies – Lions 3D and Sharks 3D.
We felt like huge dorks, but LOVED them both. We were the oldest people in there without kids.
Ahh, the famous Natural History museum elephant atrium.
We got a big kick out of watching all the people take pictures in front of the elephant.
We decided to be different and take a picture with the elephant’s…other end.
Riding in the back of my dad’s convertible.
By the way we are bundled, it looks like it’s freezing!
It was just so windy back there, we had to bundle up. It was enjoyable.

In other news, Drew comes home today! HURRAY! I’m so excited for him to come home, even though I’ve had a blast this week hanging out with family and friends. I’ve gotten to spend quality time with my parents, parents-in-law, sister and maid of honor :) Speaking of maid-of-honor, please watch this YouTube video. Hilarious. Amanda and I laughed for a good hour.

Enjoy the pictures. Anticipate the wedding pictures. I promise they will be posted soon!