So it’s day number 3 of Drew’s Texan holiday and my two-week solitude. I am at work for the first time since last Wednesday, due to a bout with bronchitis and a voice resembling something between a 13 year old boy and Ashlee Simpson.

I’m proud to report that I spent the night in the apartment by myself without freaking out or calling Texas in the middle of the night (though I did sleep with the lights on and a chair propped up against the door just in case). I’m hearing good things from Drew; he’s enjoying his classes and especially his accomodations – his own room/bathroom with a king size bed all to himself :) He calls very faithfully. Good man.

Staying by myself hasn’t been as scary as I thought. I only get lonely at night (and when longing for the HOV lane in rush hour), but I try to stay busy. Last night, Tom and Renata came over for dinner (which was so nice). Randi and my mom came to visit on Sunday. Reality TV (and stolen cable) has come to save the day many a time. I’ve been catching up on The Hills (totally a guilty pleasure that Drew would not enjoy), I watched an entire day marathon of Beauty and the Geek (which I actually enjoyed), PLUS I got to catch High School Musical 2 while washing the dishes last night.

Other than that, I’ve been playing with my new camera and looking at wedding pictures! There are over 700 pictures…I am trying to upload them to Snapfish so everyone can see them. It takes a while to upload 700 pictures. I promise to at least give a sneak peek blog sometime this week :)

I’m pumped for the LC retreat this weekend! A little nervous that I may not have a voice…but if so, Smizzle’s takin’ over :)

If you are not busy this week or next and would like to hang out, I am free! Comment or email me; I would love to have you over for dinner.

Texas-hating Drea

P.S. Okay, okay, here’s one wedding picture :)

Get excited. Three Blondes are the bomb.