It’s October! October is panning out to be a busy month for us. Drew is going to be gone for the middle two weeks; he has to go to Texas for a training. I am not looking forward to this. If anyone has spare time and wants to come visit, please do :) He leaves this Sunday.

I am actually looking forward to having a little time to myself (not that I won’t miss Drew; I’m dreading it already!). I’m already filling up my schedule for the two weeks. I’m planning on catching up with several friends over dinner, spending time with my parents and my sister, and reading a lot. I’m also going on the LC girls’ retreat! It’s perfect timing, really. I will have the week to go over some things and then have a great, fun weekend with some of my best friends. I’m also taking on a new adventure in pictures; I’m shooting Amanda and Dustin’s engagement pictures next Thursday in DC. Shooting and editing their pictures should keep me pretty busy the next week and then Drew will get back the next Friday! PLUS, we are getting our wedding pictures this Saturday, so I’m sure I will be looking over them 1,000+ times :)

In other news, I FINALLY got the new camera :) It’s a sweet little Nikon and I love her already. I have been on a shooting frenzy (the camera kind, not the gun kind). I have a ridiculous amount of pictures of Hayden, Drew and things around my parents’ house. Drew has been so gracious to let me take pictures of him everywhere, all the time. Good man :) Some of my first endeavors can be seen here.

To conclude, I have several “community” announcements. I’m not sure how many people actually read this blog, so if you do and you or someone you know might be interested in the following, please let me know :)

  • I am looking to sell my old camera. It is a Konica Minolta XLR; it’s only a year old and they don’t even sell this kind anymore. The camera is great – it takes great pictures, is easy to use, great to hold and is a good transition camera into SLR. It obviously comes with a strap, lens cap, and USB connector. It takes AA batteries; I will throw in a set of rechargeable batteries (and charger) that I have used with the camera. Comment here or email me if you might be interested :)
  • I am also looking to sell a once-worn wedding dress :) I know it sounds crazy, to sell your wedding dress, but I weighed the options and concluded that this is the best one for me. Instead of it rotting away in my closet, at least someone else might get some use out of it :) It was a great dress! (Plus, I think it’s a pretty good trade-off for a new camera.) Anyway, the dress will fit a size 4 petite (I am short). It’s lace on silk and “pearl mist” is the official color. The veil was made to match it and that’s included. I know this one is a far-fetch, but if any of you know anybody who might be interested…just let me know. I can provide pictures, of course. (Wish me luck on eBay.)
  • If anyone needs/wants pictures of them or friends for ANYTHING, I would love to take some for free. I’m in desperate need to learn to use my new camera and am curious if I could get good enough to make some money off of them in the future. I just need subjects to shoot (Drew can only take so much). Anything, even if it’s just for fun, I would love to try! We’ll shoot, I’ll give you the pictures for free. I may end up sucking at it, but it’s worth a try :)

That is all. :)

Again, if you are free in the next two weeks, I would love your company :) Hope to hear from some of you!