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So, Drew and I just discovered that someone from China, Italy and the Czech Republic have visited our blog! We check our blog hits every now and then and just found out that the site we use tracks location!

This might be crazy, but we’re curious. If you read this blog ever, could you comment with your name, where you are from and (if you don’t know us in real life) how you found our blog? We would love to know who reads it! (We really thought just our friends and family did.) Even if you are a Salisburian (who we love!), we would love to know you find anything intriguing about our blog. So please, if you are reading this right now, even if you don’t know us in real life, you are our best friend, or you kind of know us but feel uncomfortable commenting, just COMMENT! We want to know who you are and where you are from :) (This includes you Fisch, Randi and Katie.)

Please grace our blog with your comment.

We’re anxious to see the replies!

The Acks.


FINALLY! The time has come…

…the wedding pictures are here! :) If you would like to look at them ALL, just click here!

Let me know if this link doesn’t work!


P.S. If you don’t want to look through all 755 pictures, I will be posting favorites on Facebook. I’ll post that link when it’s done!

Drew and I have become more adventurous since getting married, checking out fun stuff in DC and enjoying ourselves. Thought I would share a couple of pictures from our recent adventures…

A couple of weeks ago, we saw two IMAX movies – Lions 3D and Sharks 3D.
We felt like huge dorks, but LOVED them both. We were the oldest people in there without kids.
Ahh, the famous Natural History museum elephant atrium.
We got a big kick out of watching all the people take pictures in front of the elephant.
We decided to be different and take a picture with the elephant’s…other end.
Riding in the back of my dad’s convertible.
By the way we are bundled, it looks like it’s freezing!
It was just so windy back there, we had to bundle up. It was enjoyable.

In other news, Drew comes home today! HURRAY! I’m so excited for him to come home, even though I’ve had a blast this week hanging out with family and friends. I’ve gotten to spend quality time with my parents, parents-in-law, sister and maid of honor :) Speaking of maid-of-honor, please watch this YouTube video. Hilarious. Amanda and I laughed for a good hour.

Enjoy the pictures. Anticipate the wedding pictures. I promise they will be posted soon!

So as Drea mentioned earlier, I’m in Texas for a 2-week class in fire protection design. While I’m enjoying the classes, and feeling a little better about my job proficiency, I am also missing my wife, and home in general. Nonetheless, I think it’s always good to periodically get out of your normal routine and experience the world in a different way, which is why I like traveling so much. However, being here in the northern suburbs of Dallas has actually provided a discouraging reminder of the things we tend to value. Dallas bears no resemblance to the cowboys-and-spurs stereotypes we tend to assign to Texas. It actually looks like any other big American city – a few skyscrapers surrounded by miles and miles of cookie-cutter houses, shopping malls, restaurant chains, and office buildings. And it made me realize how lame the “American dream” really is. If it’s really all about buying a house in the suburbs, driving a decent car, and being able to eat out a few times a week, then most Americans are, according to the “dream”, getting the most they can out of life. And even though I tend to pass judgement on people with this mentality, I’m equally guilty of spending most of my energy pursuing the same things. In fact, I think it’s safe to say the majority of my time is governed by money – either making it or spending it. To me, the thought of this is kind of depressing. But what am I supposed to do? I don’t think God is calling me to quit my job and leave the country so Drea and I can become missionaries (although I think he calls some people to do this). I do believe that God is at work everywhere, which means he’s at work on the frontier of foreign missions, as well as here in our seemingly ordinary lives. So even though it doesn’t seem as “godly” as risking your life to preach the gospel in a hostile country, I think we have a great calling to present the gospel here in America. People here need Jesus too.

So it’s day number 3 of Drew’s Texan holiday and my two-week solitude. I am at work for the first time since last Wednesday, due to a bout with bronchitis and a voice resembling something between a 13 year old boy and Ashlee Simpson.

I’m proud to report that I spent the night in the apartment by myself without freaking out or calling Texas in the middle of the night (though I did sleep with the lights on and a chair propped up against the door just in case). I’m hearing good things from Drew; he’s enjoying his classes and especially his accomodations – his own room/bathroom with a king size bed all to himself :) He calls very faithfully. Good man.

Staying by myself hasn’t been as scary as I thought. I only get lonely at night (and when longing for the HOV lane in rush hour), but I try to stay busy. Last night, Tom and Renata came over for dinner (which was so nice). Randi and my mom came to visit on Sunday. Reality TV (and stolen cable) has come to save the day many a time. I’ve been catching up on The Hills (totally a guilty pleasure that Drew would not enjoy), I watched an entire day marathon of Beauty and the Geek (which I actually enjoyed), PLUS I got to catch High School Musical 2 while washing the dishes last night.

Other than that, I’ve been playing with my new camera and looking at wedding pictures! There are over 700 pictures…I am trying to upload them to Snapfish so everyone can see them. It takes a while to upload 700 pictures. I promise to at least give a sneak peek blog sometime this week :)

I’m pumped for the LC retreat this weekend! A little nervous that I may not have a voice…but if so, Smizzle’s takin’ over :)

If you are not busy this week or next and would like to hang out, I am free! Comment or email me; I would love to have you over for dinner.

Texas-hating Drea

P.S. Okay, okay, here’s one wedding picture :)

Get excited. Three Blondes are the bomb.

It’s October! October is panning out to be a busy month for us. Drew is going to be gone for the middle two weeks; he has to go to Texas for a training. I am not looking forward to this. If anyone has spare time and wants to come visit, please do :) He leaves this Sunday.

I am actually looking forward to having a little time to myself (not that I won’t miss Drew; I’m dreading it already!). I’m already filling up my schedule for the two weeks. I’m planning on catching up with several friends over dinner, spending time with my parents and my sister, and reading a lot. I’m also going on the LC girls’ retreat! It’s perfect timing, really. I will have the week to go over some things and then have a great, fun weekend with some of my best friends. I’m also taking on a new adventure in pictures; I’m shooting Amanda and Dustin’s engagement pictures next Thursday in DC. Shooting and editing their pictures should keep me pretty busy the next week and then Drew will get back the next Friday! PLUS, we are getting our wedding pictures this Saturday, so I’m sure I will be looking over them 1,000+ times :)

In other news, I FINALLY got the new camera :) It’s a sweet little Nikon and I love her already. I have been on a shooting frenzy (the camera kind, not the gun kind). I have a ridiculous amount of pictures of Hayden, Drew and things around my parents’ house. Drew has been so gracious to let me take pictures of him everywhere, all the time. Good man :) Some of my first endeavors can be seen here.

To conclude, I have several “community” announcements. I’m not sure how many people actually read this blog, so if you do and you or someone you know might be interested in the following, please let me know :)

  • I am looking to sell my old camera. It is a Konica Minolta XLR; it’s only a year old and they don’t even sell this kind anymore. The camera is great – it takes great pictures, is easy to use, great to hold and is a good transition camera into SLR. It obviously comes with a strap, lens cap, and USB connector. It takes AA batteries; I will throw in a set of rechargeable batteries (and charger) that I have used with the camera. Comment here or email me if you might be interested :)
  • I am also looking to sell a once-worn wedding dress :) I know it sounds crazy, to sell your wedding dress, but I weighed the options and concluded that this is the best one for me. Instead of it rotting away in my closet, at least someone else might get some use out of it :) It was a great dress! (Plus, I think it’s a pretty good trade-off for a new camera.) Anyway, the dress will fit a size 4 petite (I am short). It’s lace on silk and “pearl mist” is the official color. The veil was made to match it and that’s included. I know this one is a far-fetch, but if any of you know anybody who might be interested…just let me know. I can provide pictures, of course. (Wish me luck on eBay.)
  • If anyone needs/wants pictures of them or friends for ANYTHING, I would love to take some for free. I’m in desperate need to learn to use my new camera and am curious if I could get good enough to make some money off of them in the future. I just need subjects to shoot (Drew can only take so much). Anything, even if it’s just for fun, I would love to try! We’ll shoot, I’ll give you the pictures for free. I may end up sucking at it, but it’s worth a try :)

That is all. :)

Again, if you are free in the next two weeks, I would love your company :) Hope to hear from some of you!