Hola, amigos! So it is a typical Saturday here at the Ackermann’s. It’s after 1, we’re still in our pj’s, Friends is on TV and breakfast dishes are still in the sink. We keep saying, “One more episode, then we start cleaning.” That was an hour ago. We are lazy people. It’s okay; we’ve accepted it.

This week, marriage really sunk in. For a couple reasons, I guess. First of all, we were painfully honest and had to be patient with each other this week. It’s funny, before you get married, you think marriage will be the end-all, everything will be candy rain and perfection. We just ordered a book on recommendation called “Sacred Marriage”. The book asks the question, “What if God created marriage to make us more HOLY than happy?” Interesting. We think it might be true. Marriage is having to see yourself for who you are really are, every day. It is impossible to hide. Even if you’re really good at it, you can’t in marriage. We can honestly say that marriage is the hardest, greatest thing we have ever done. That’s the truth.

The other reason we really felt MARRIED this week was because we spent the most time apart from each other since the wedding. We kind of forgot what it is like to miss each other. I (Drea) went to CRU this week (!!). It was so, so great to see everyone (1E loves, I miss you terribly) and to worship. I got to watch the 1E Documentary (fantastic, Katie Kosko) and chill on 1B’s couch. It was really really great. And as great as that all was, I was so happy to get home and see Drew (after I woke him up :) ). It’s pretty incredible that you can spend so much time with someone and still want to spend more time with them!

Speaking of spending time, we had the best time last night with Allison (Drew’s sister) and Rich (her boyfriend). They are some of our favorite people FOR REAL and we got the spend the whole evening with them! It was the perfect night. We took the metro into DC and went to the National Museum of Natural History’s “Jazz Cafe”. It’s the coolest thing. Every Friday night, the museum is open after hours and different jazz musicians come play. They have food and a bar, great music and dancing! Last night, it was a Latin jazz band. We sat at our own little table, had some drinks and a ridiculous amount of food and just enjoyed ourselves. We even tried our hand at a little salsa dancing (even though we looked stupid). I would recommend that Jazz Cafe to anyone, especially anyone trying to impress someone on a first date :) It’s only a $10 cover charge; food is a little pricey, but the portions are big and you can always eat somewhere else. So fun! After that, we walked around Federal Triangle and took fun pictures and it was a beautiful night. Great night, indeed.

Well, I guess we better do something with our lazy selves. I have a hankering for some fried chicken…maybe I’ll send Drew out to get some :) I hear another Friends episode beginning in the next room, better go stop him :)

Happy Saturday!