So I feel sort of bad because this is a “joint” blog, and so far I’ve contributed to approximately zero of the 4 previous entries. But hey, apparently Drea has the spiritual gift of blogging, so I think I’m OK with it!

Anyhow, yes, much has been learned in this past month! Marriage freaking rocks. Don’t get me wrong, being single was also fun, but I don’t think I would trade being married for anything. I can pretty much concur with Drea’s list of things we’ve learned so far. For the record though, we’ve decided to sign up for our own internet account, despite the fact that we have a full wireless signal from our neighbor (and can play music from her iTunes). (Don’t judge – you know you’ve done it!)

By the way, Caedmon’s Call’s new CD “Overdressed” is amazing. Drea and I had it on repeat in the car for like 4 days. No joke, it’s that good. Derek Webb is back in the band, which definitely contributes to the quality of writing. There are some really unique songs that seem to intentionally steer away from mainstream Christian music styles (a good thing, in my opinion.) Even the poppier, more radio-friendly songs stand out because the lyrics are just GOOD (as in, the opposite of the generic cookie-cutter garbage that most Christian radio stations play.)

We’ve also been listening to Sandra McCracken’s “The Builder and the Architect”. The whole album is just folksy arrangements of hymns that she’s done, and I think it’s safe to say it’s part of the reason Drea and I want to get into some recording. I feel like lots of older hymns get ignored because they sound so dated. But man, some of them have incredible words.