Yesterday, we celebrated one official month of marriage. It’s hard to believe.

To celebrate, we didn’t do anything fancy (so not our style). Drea baked cookies and we toasted one month over glasses of milk.

To commemorate our milestone, a recap of what we have learned…

Scrubs is our favorite show.

Laundry never ends.

Stealing wireless internet might be illegal, but so far has not stopped us.

Carpooling together makes the week shorter.

We prefer staying in to going out.

Gift cards are glorious!

Bed time is the best time.

Sleeping in til noon is overrated.

Gmail chat (while working) is a great invention.

We can live without cable TV.

Drea can cook!

Entertaining is fun.

Paying rent sucks.

Okay, so these are semi-serious lessons :) We really are learning a lot, though. We’re learning to help each other. We’re learning to respect each other. We’re learning to encourage each other. Most importantly, we’re learning to be best friends.

The future is looking bright. We are going to start sub teaching for middle school kids in Sunday school (which should be interesting) and we’re also going to lead worship for them (which should be even more interesting, as Drew may be doing some singing!). Drew is preparing to be away for a two-week long training in October (during which Drea is visiting Salisbury!) for work. Drea is about to sign on for another 6 months with American Cancer Society.

Even more exciting, we’re thinking about trying our hand at recording/producing a bit, just for fun. We’re also thinking about a trip to Nashville in December to see Drea’s family, go to a SWEET Christmas concert at the Ryman Auditorium, and visit the church Derek Webb goes to. We’ll see how that goes.

Exciting times. Here’s to many more happy months!