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So for my job (designing fire protection systems), I sometimes go out to survey job sites. Yesterday I was out on one such survey at a hospital, and I decided to grab lunch at the cafeteria. On the way to the cafeteria, I shared an elevator ride with this woman who had a hand puppet. I figured she just did little shows for the kids or something, and didn’t think too much of it. That is, until she and her puppet began having a two-way conversation. Here’s kind of how it went:

Woman: What floor?

Me: First.

Puppet (woman’s voice, of course): Oooooh! Can I push the button?

Woman: Why, of course you can!

Puppet: Yippee! (Woman makes puppet push button.)

Me: ?????????

Woman: So how is your day going?

Puppet: Great! Thanks for asking. How about you?

Woman: Oh, pretty good.

Puppet (to me): Oh yeah, she’s weird. She talks to dolls all day.

Me: Um, hehe…okay.

So I was like, wow. Maybe she really needed to practice. I don’t know. But something tells me that’s not something you see everyday! I mean, as far as I know, I was not in a mental hospital. I wish you could have seen it. Really. Anyhow, after that, a homeless guy in the cafeteria asked me for 30 more cents so he could buy a meal. I had no change, so I gave him a dollar. Then the cashier gave him the meal for free anyway. Then I ate the most abysmal-tasting cheeseburger of my entire life. I don’t even think it was beef.

It was an interesting day…

In other news, Drea is ecstatic because I am letting her buy the camera that she has been hounding me about FOREVER. :) Through a series of stipulations (including the sale of her wedding dress, her current camera, and forgoing the purchase of clothes for the next several months), Drea finally convinced me. I have also been warned that to test out the settings of her camera, we will be randomly stopping at locations deemed photo-worthy to take pictures. Ah, the sweet compromises of marriage. So, this blog should soon be featuring professional-quality photos a la my wife. Be ye prepared!


Hola, amigos! So it is a typical Saturday here at the Ackermann’s. It’s after 1, we’re still in our pj’s, Friends is on TV and breakfast dishes are still in the sink. We keep saying, “One more episode, then we start cleaning.” That was an hour ago. We are lazy people. It’s okay; we’ve accepted it.

This week, marriage really sunk in. For a couple reasons, I guess. First of all, we were painfully honest and had to be patient with each other this week. It’s funny, before you get married, you think marriage will be the end-all, everything will be candy rain and perfection. We just ordered a book on recommendation called “Sacred Marriage”. The book asks the question, “What if God created marriage to make us more HOLY than happy?” Interesting. We think it might be true. Marriage is having to see yourself for who you are really are, every day. It is impossible to hide. Even if you’re really good at it, you can’t in marriage. We can honestly say that marriage is the hardest, greatest thing we have ever done. That’s the truth.

The other reason we really felt MARRIED this week was because we spent the most time apart from each other since the wedding. We kind of forgot what it is like to miss each other. I (Drea) went to CRU this week (!!). It was so, so great to see everyone (1E loves, I miss you terribly) and to worship. I got to watch the 1E Documentary (fantastic, Katie Kosko) and chill on 1B’s couch. It was really really great. And as great as that all was, I was so happy to get home and see Drew (after I woke him up :) ). It’s pretty incredible that you can spend so much time with someone and still want to spend more time with them!

Speaking of spending time, we had the best time last night with Allison (Drew’s sister) and Rich (her boyfriend). They are some of our favorite people FOR REAL and we got the spend the whole evening with them! It was the perfect night. We took the metro into DC and went to the National Museum of Natural History’s “Jazz Cafe”. It’s the coolest thing. Every Friday night, the museum is open after hours and different jazz musicians come play. They have food and a bar, great music and dancing! Last night, it was a Latin jazz band. We sat at our own little table, had some drinks and a ridiculous amount of food and just enjoyed ourselves. We even tried our hand at a little salsa dancing (even though we looked stupid). I would recommend that Jazz Cafe to anyone, especially anyone trying to impress someone on a first date :) It’s only a $10 cover charge; food is a little pricey, but the portions are big and you can always eat somewhere else. So fun! After that, we walked around Federal Triangle and took fun pictures and it was a beautiful night. Great night, indeed.

Well, I guess we better do something with our lazy selves. I have a hankering for some fried chicken…maybe I’ll send Drew out to get some :) I hear another Friends episode beginning in the next room, better go stop him :)

Happy Saturday!

So I feel sort of bad because this is a “joint” blog, and so far I’ve contributed to approximately zero of the 4 previous entries. But hey, apparently Drea has the spiritual gift of blogging, so I think I’m OK with it!

Anyhow, yes, much has been learned in this past month! Marriage freaking rocks. Don’t get me wrong, being single was also fun, but I don’t think I would trade being married for anything. I can pretty much concur with Drea’s list of things we’ve learned so far. For the record though, we’ve decided to sign up for our own internet account, despite the fact that we have a full wireless signal from our neighbor (and can play music from her iTunes). (Don’t judge – you know you’ve done it!)

By the way, Caedmon’s Call’s new CD “Overdressed” is amazing. Drea and I had it on repeat in the car for like 4 days. No joke, it’s that good. Derek Webb is back in the band, which definitely contributes to the quality of writing. There are some really unique songs that seem to intentionally steer away from mainstream Christian music styles (a good thing, in my opinion.) Even the poppier, more radio-friendly songs stand out because the lyrics are just GOOD (as in, the opposite of the generic cookie-cutter garbage that most Christian radio stations play.)

We’ve also been listening to Sandra McCracken’s “The Builder and the Architect”. The whole album is just folksy arrangements of hymns that she’s done, and I think it’s safe to say it’s part of the reason Drea and I want to get into some recording. I feel like lots of older hymns get ignored because they sound so dated. But man, some of them have incredible words.

Yesterday, we celebrated one official month of marriage. It’s hard to believe.

To celebrate, we didn’t do anything fancy (so not our style). Drea baked cookies and we toasted one month over glasses of milk.

To commemorate our milestone, a recap of what we have learned…

Scrubs is our favorite show.

Laundry never ends.

Stealing wireless internet might be illegal, but so far has not stopped us.

Carpooling together makes the week shorter.

We prefer staying in to going out.

Gift cards are glorious!

Bed time is the best time.

Sleeping in til noon is overrated.

Gmail chat (while working) is a great invention.

We can live without cable TV.

Drea can cook!

Entertaining is fun.

Paying rent sucks.

Okay, so these are semi-serious lessons :) We really are learning a lot, though. We’re learning to help each other. We’re learning to respect each other. We’re learning to encourage each other. Most importantly, we’re learning to be best friends.

The future is looking bright. We are going to start sub teaching for middle school kids in Sunday school (which should be interesting) and we’re also going to lead worship for them (which should be even more interesting, as Drew may be doing some singing!). Drew is preparing to be away for a two-week long training in October (during which Drea is visiting Salisbury!) for work. Drea is about to sign on for another 6 months with American Cancer Society.

Even more exciting, we’re thinking about trying our hand at recording/producing a bit, just for fun. We’re also thinking about a trip to Nashville in December to see Drea’s family, go to a SWEET Christmas concert at the Ryman Auditorium, and visit the church Derek Webb goes to. We’ll see how that goes.

Exciting times. Here’s to many more happy months!

Well, a lot of people are asking to see pictures of my recent post-wedding chop. I love it. Drew loves it, too :)

Ready? Here it is…

These will have to do for now :)

It’s the shortest haircut I have ever had! Sometimes I feel a little boy-ish, but hey, I’m married now. That’s my new motto: I’m married now, I can do whatever I want. :)

Wanna know something gross? I have a ten inch long ponytail in a bag on the kitchen counter. Ew. :)

Let us know what you think!

P.S. My apologies for all the smiley faces. It just doesn’t feel right without them!