…and the sickness. Our wedding vows have been put to the test this week…”in sickness and health”. Drew developed some kind of gross cold and Drea willingly stepped up to take care of him, bringing home soup, medicine, and chocolate. She did such a thorough job that two days later, the tables had turned and Drew was bringing home french fries and fruit juice for his sick wife. Fun stuff. So this week has seen a lot of hanging out and a LOT of tissues.

In other news, Drea has found a new passion in cooking! (Drew is very excited.) This past week, she cooked dinner every night, including entertaining two couples (the Janes and soon-to-be Bealls) on two different nights! Someone got her a Rachael Ray cookbook and, though Drew hates Rachael Ray, it is proving to be a great gift :)

Enjoying Drea’s cooking with the Janes. (Drew looks extremely attractive here.)

Drew has found his marriage niche in direction-giving. This entire week, Drea has been driving all over the DC metro area delivering materials for ACS’ breast cancer walk. That’s a lot of opportunities for a small asian girl to get lost…and Drea has taken them all. Drea is convinced that Drew should work for OnStar because he can get her out of anywhere! It’s great!

Other than that, the laundry and unpacking are neverending. But the “not-having-to-say-good-night” is still fabulous :)

So, as we round out week three of being married, things are finally starting to sink in. Our apartment is coming together, we’ve had friends over, and Drea is almost done changing her name. We LOVE the HOV lane and how we get to use it everyday since we get to drive to work together.

We’re looking forward to Labor Day weekend. Drea’s got a four-day weekend and we may be expecting a visitor (SMIZZLE!!!).

Lovin’ life :)

P.S. Thinking of the SU crew and the first CRU of the semester TONIGHT! Can’t wait to hear about it!