Hello from Drew and Drea Ackermann :)

We are married and just got back from our honeymoon. We are entering real life now and decided to merge blogs :)

So far, marriage has been quite an adventure! We honeymooned in Punta Islita, Costa Rica in the Hotel Punta Islita, which is situated on top of a mountain. The hotel was definitely Costa Rican (all the staff were locals); it was eco-friendly, rustic and we loved it! Being in Costa Rica was certainly out of our comfort zone (even though Drew remembers quite a bit of high school Spanish). We started our marriage out with a bang! Driving on mountain side roads, through rivers, ziplining through the jungle canopy, horseback riding on the beach and through the jungle – who could ask for a more exciting honeymoon?! Plus, we spent a LOT of time lounging around by the pool and reading…mmm, perfection.

The adventure continued when we got back late last Friday night, only to find out that the power in our apartment had been shut off by the electric company. Apparently, we were supposed to switch account holders and we had no idea. Drew set up a new account and the power was scheduled to be turned back on today.

Since we were powerless, Tom and Renata (and Hayden!) graciously offered to let us crash with them, as they live really close to us. We accepted since we love spending time with them and slept on their sofa bed the whole weekend. We’ve been having a great time eating unhealthy food, watching Lost and playing with Hayden. We’ve been like little diurnal creatures – working hard while the sun is up and then escaping as soon as it gets dark. A very fun (unique) start to our life together. :)

Currently, we’re just trying to get our gifts (so many – thank you so much!) put away and our house in order. Living together hasn’t proved to be as weird as we thought it might be, and not having to say goodbye at night is fabulous.

We’ll be posting honeymoon pictures soon! We don’t get wedding pictures until October or so; we’re anxious to see them – we don’t remember a whole lot about the day, we were so excited!

Please come visit us if you get a chance!